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Paolo Infunti… Let’s find out who it is:

Master Italian artisan, Paolo Infunti has created leather products for over 50 years.

His work has been featured in the world-famous Palio of Siena. His custom bags are designed for practicality and style.

Simple, elegant, formal, casual, comfortable, dependable, there’s something unique in every handcrafted piece.

Don’t miss his artist studio when traveling in Tuscany, Italy.

Borse in vera pelle Siena.

Paolo infunti, historic leather craftsman from Siena, reveals the magical world of historical re-enactments and role-playing games.

That of Paolo Infunti, 70+ years old, craftsman, is one of the workshops that belong to the historical heritage of the city of Siena. One of the few to have survived the evolution of the market and the economic crisis, which still continues to work leather strictly by hand, as per tradition. Wallets, bags, satchels and other craft items.

What immediately catches the eye, however, are the medieval weapons and armor that crowd the window and which emerge from every corner of the shop. Although the room is small, the walls of the shop tell more than a thousand words: above the counter there are dozens of banknotes from all over the world. China, Hong Kong, Canada, even Bolivia. And the famous American one dollar bill certainly couldn’t be missing.

Interview with Paolo

“I have been doing this job for more than forty years. I started when I was eighteen, working as an apprentice. Over the course of my life I have seen a bit of every color.

In 1977 I had set up a leather goods factory in Arbia, which I then had to close, and in addition I had a shop in Salicotto.

I even worked for two years in the S. Spirito prison, teaching the rudiments of the trade to inmates.”

“When did you decide to open the shop in “Via Camollia“?

“Many, perhaps too many years ago,” he says, smiling. “It was 1985. Initially we only dealt with repairs on genuine Siena leather materials. Then, over time, I broadened my scope of action by also dedicating myself to the creation of medieval costumes and armour. I have always stayed here since then. I have moved three or four times over the course of these thirty years, but always within Via Camollia”.

Have you ever carried out any work for the districts in the paliesco area?

“Yes. In 2000 I contributed to the renewal of the costumes of the historical Palio procession, taking care of the leather parts of the mounts of ten districts.

Furthermore, through my works, I contributed to the creation of the first edition of the medieval festival of Monteriggioni (which takes place every year at the beginning of July in the evocative setting of the castle of the same name).

“What about the world of fantasy and role-playing games?”

Certain! It’s a universe waiting to be discovered in which I like to actively participate. For several years I have had a stand at Lucca Comics (one of the largest Italian fairs dedicated to comics, animation, role-playing games and fantasy imagery, ed.).

In the past I followed him even more closely, attending events organized by associations such as GRV Italia and Bollaverde Live. It is truly magnificent, at gatherings, to see hundreds of people all dressed in the traditions of a thousand years ago.”

“Who among Italians and foreigners is most interested in medieval objects?”

“I must admit that there is no comparison, the majority of our customers are represented by foreign tourists. Americans in particular are always enthusiastic, especially towards everything relating to the Roman period. Italians, however, seem to be less interested. The economic crisis must have played a decisive role in this sense.”

“Based on your forty-year experience, what has been the evolution of the sector from the 1980s to today?”

“As I was saying, unfortunately in recent years more and more people, due to the crisis, have seen their economic resources decrease. In general you spend less. Fortunately, however, with the opening of the station’s escalator five years ago, the area of Camollia has literally been reborn, and we too have felt the positive effects. The entire street, with the arrival of the summer, is very popular with tourists, both during the day and in the evening”.

What Our Customers Say?

Bags in genuine Siena leather,  functional, which will last a lifetime.

Designed for practicality and style, each item offers a full experience of sensations, and when handled they gently emit that subtle scent that only comes from premium leather.

Siena genuine leather bags:


… There is something unique in every handcrafted piece.

We invite you to see what it’s like to experience a one-of-a-kind product that will last a lifetime. Bags in genuine Siena leather, come and visit us at Casa delle Pelle. We are waiting for you.

Master Italian artisan, Paolo Infunti has created leather products for over 50 years.

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